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Friday of National Severe Weather Pre...

Photo of cold man at desk
Leadership doesn’t require a a degree or a stick When it comes to surviving severe weather, helping yourself, your family, and neighbors, being a leader doesn’t take a lot. It certainly doesn’t require you to be an expert public speaker, have a degree in meteorology, special expertise, a big stick, or a pair of stone tablets [...]

It’s Wednesday of National Severe Wea...

Image of Make a Plan document
Make a Plan! Don’t wait for trouble to strike! Taking a little time now to prepare for bad weather can save you, your family, your pet, or your business, a boatload of grief. The theme for Wednesday of this year’s National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is Make a Plan. Whether you’re a business, a family, a university, or a school, yo [...]

Just Discovered: A Site Listing The 1...

An image of an interactive map of states' natural disaster risk
Like the commercial says, “It pays to be prepared.” Insurance aside, has posted a list of the costliest ten states to live in due to their history of major disasters. Although the list is designed to promote their insurance products, it may be of interest to those concerned with where disasters are likely to strike. [...]

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