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1/25/14 Virulent Strain of Plague Returns in Madagascar

Photo of man with plague buboes

The plague can manifest in the human body as swollen lymph nodes, in the blood as septicemia, or in the lungs.

The World Health Organization and other aid groups report that an especially virulent strain of Yrsinia pestis, the bacterium that causes Bubonic, Septicemic, and Pneumonic plague has broken out in Madagascar, a country with a highly vulnerable population.

International aid has been limited in this Indian Ocean island since a coup d’etat in 2009. The election of Hery Rajaonarimampianina on January 20 is hoped to reduce the sanctions and allow more aid to flow into the country, despite the widely held belief that the polling was rigged.

A map of the location of the Island of Madagascar



  1. February 5, 2014    

    Plague in the U.S. Oregon man recovering from rare case of the plague

    Paul Gaylord, a welder from Prineville in rural Oregon is no longer in critical condition. After lapsing into a coma for twenty-seven days, his hands and legs swelled and turned black. The doctors told him that his fingers will have to be amputated.

    Source: The Guardian
    Via: Homeland Security Newswire

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