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3/29/2014 Guinea Seeks to Stem Spread of Deadly Ebola Virus in Capital

Map of Ebola Spread as of 3/28/2014Reuters News agency reports five more cases of Ebola in the Guinea capital city of Conakry. There have also been cases reported in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

“The arrival of the disease in the capital, where hundreds of thousands of people live tightly packed in rambling shanties, could mark a sharp increase in the population at risk compared with the sparsely populated villages of the forested interior.

“In neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia, a further 11 people have died from suspected Ebola, stirring concern that one of the most lethal infectious diseases known to man could be spreading in an impoverished region ill-equipped to cope.

“In Guinea, 103 suspected cases have been detected, almost all in the remote forest region, centred on Gueckedou. The mortality rate from the infection is running at 64 percent, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said.”

There is no vaccine and no known cure for the disease, which initially induces fever, headaches, muscle pain and weakness. In its more acute phase, Ebola causes vomiting, diarrhoea and external bleeding that leaves the victim covered in the virus.

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