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5 Lessons from Atlanta: CDC

Photograph of car in bushes during snow storm in AtlantaYesterday the CDC published take-home lessons from the debacle in Atlanta in its blog.

They’re not bad. They are listed below, even though they’re in the wrong order in the original.



  1. You can [Actually, need to be able to] count on yourself,
  2. Keep emergency supplies in your car, [Um, really? For killer snow storms? In Atlanta? See #5]
  3. Make a family emergency plan. [ALWAYS a good idea]
  4. Keep your gas tanks full. [Check]
  5. Listen to warnings. [This one should be first, and in bold!]
A photograph of snow rollers

What Are Snow Rollers?

The weather is getting weird. Snow storms in Atlanta, polar vortices, drought on the west coast (okay, this is the same as polar vortices), and so forth. Amazingly, meteorologists have gotten really good at predicting bad weather, and even when they’re wrong, it’s smart to pay attention to them and their warnings. And be prepared.

Photograph of girl listening to trumpet on playground

Listen up!

Even though not all of us have been Boy Scouts, being prepared should be on everybody’s mind, not just those who live in flood zones, tornado alley, the Dakotas, or on the Gulf. Be ready to depend on yourself. And listen up!


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