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An image of a white guy giving a thumbs upHere is a short list of sites we like to get preparedness and incidence information from. If you have a site you like, please let us know.

Public Health Surveillance

Health Map is created and maintained by a team of researchers, epidemiologists and software developers at Boston Children’s Hospital founded in 2006, is an established global leader in utilizing online informal sources for disease outbreak monitoring and real-time surveillance of emerging public health threats. 

Flu Near You. This is a crowd-sourced flu outbreak surveillance tool. Totally anonymous, participants are asked once a week about their symptoms. A map of individuals reporting flu symptoms locates outbreaks.

Barfblog is where Drs. Powell, Chapman, Hubbell and assorted food safety friends offer evidence-based opinions on current food safety issues. Opinions must be evidence-based – with references – reliable and relevant. The barfblog authors edit each other, often viciously. 

World Health Organization’s Disease Outbreaks News.

Information and Preparedness

Shot of Prevention BlogShot of Prevention is a community blog where individuals, parents, medical professionals and others can gather to discuss  current events regarding immunizations.

Emergency Management Magazine’s online presence. The magazine and site have lots of interesting information on current events in emergency management issues.

FEMA’s National Preparedness Community. For preparedness and emergency managers. It has forums, brochures, posters, information, tips, upcoming events, and additional information.

CDC’s Emergency Preparedness page. It’s full of good ideas and information

(YouTube) US National Weather Service: for information on weather safety and preparedness

(YouTube) Prepare Metro KC: An astonishing number of training videos, largely for CERTs

(YouTube) Alameda CERT: More training videos for CERT and the public






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