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A Profile of the Arlington CERT progr...

A photo of the sculpture "Menotomy Indian Hunter," by Cyrus Dallin
The First CERT Program in Massachusetts The success of the Arlington, Massachusetts CERT program is due to the vision and dedication of a few individuals who believed that citizens have an important role in community preparedness, response and mitigation. Sticking with their vision for decades, Joe Marshall and a few other individuals are cre [...]

Saturday of National Severe Weather P... map of severe weather warnings by state
Has your weather gotten any better? It’s Saturday of NSWPW, which means the theme is Just the Beginning This week, you learned how to take the next step in severe weather preparedness by knowing your risk, being prepared and inspiring others   While National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is over, the need to be prepared is not. Tornad [...]

Storm Safety: Debunking 10 Myths abou...

Storm Safety: Debunking 10 Myths about Lightning
Be safe when the lightning comes! It’s National Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Watch this informative video about being safe in a lightning storm, and read the following myths about being safe during a storm, and spend a second to think about the places you go, activities you and your family are involved with, and how you can make yo [...]

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