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WHO European Director Zsuzsanna Jakab...

A micrograph of an Ebola virus
According to European press agencies, the Director said, “Such imported cases and similar events as have happened in Spain will happen also in the future, most likely, ” adding that “the continent should be well prepared to control the disease.”   As we have seen in Texas, although the United States has a well-fun [...]

Traveling in West Africa: The Growing...

image of plane flying around globe
Should travelers be concerned? A Growing Threat In its summary of the Ebola/Marburg outbreaks, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) illustrates that the current outbreak (currently 626 confirmed cases) is more severe than any in history.   While previous outbreaks affected one small area at a time, the current pandemic is spread accross [...]

Mapping the HIV Crisis in Nine Americ...

Map of HIV in Boston by Zipcode
  Map of HIV/AIDS in Boston by Zipcode Using Geographic Information Systems to map HIV/AIDS infections is a useful tool for knowing where to put public health resources. The AIDSvu project, based at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, produces detailed maps of HIV epidemic.  Via Jonathan Cohn in The New Republic Sha [...]

Don’t Get Ticked Off This Summe...

A photo of an engorged tick
Ticks Yuck! Engorged Squirrel Tick (Ixodes marxi) Tick-borne diseases are like the biblical plagues. Summertime is supposed to be a time when you can feel comfortable wearing shorts and sandals, take a walk in the woods, hike up mountains, sit outside on the grass, mow the lawn, scratch your dog under the oak tree. For those of us who live in [...]

CDC Office of Preparedness Announces ...

A photo of A child receiving an injection
The CDC and the Departments of State, Agriculture and Defense announced last week a $40 million expansion of an international partnership program. The program, which will add 10 countries to the existing pilot program with Vietnam and Uganda. Those programs enhanced the communications and information systems for outbreak response, strengthene [...]

Influenzanet: Real Time Surveillance ...

A photo of a young man with the flu
  Influenzanet is a real-time surveillance system that monitors the prevalence of influenza-like-illness (ILI) with the aid of volunteers via the Internet. Residents of the participating countries register online, and weekly during during the flu season, participants are asked to report symptoms they have experienced. Belgium and The Net [...]

Visualizing Infectious Disease

Screen Shot of the Council on Foreign Relations World Map of the Prevalence of Infectious Diseases
The Council on Foreign Relations has published an interactive map of the prevalence of the world’s preventable infectious diseases. The data are also downloadable for analysis. Preventable Infectious Diseases Focusing on one disease at at time allows the user to look at public health successes and setbacks. For example, looking at polio [...]

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