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1/26/14 Are the Tremors in the U.S. Midwest Aftershocks, or Harbingers of Massive Earthquakes to Come?

Image of the New Madrid Fault Zone

New Madrid Fault Tremors: Old News, or the Shake of Things to Come?

Scientists have long wondered whether tremors centered on the New Madrid Seismic Zone are aftershocks of the 1811-1812 earthquake, or ongoing accrued seismic strain. In their article “The New Madrid Seismic Zone: Not Dead Yet,” published in the journal Science this week, United States Geologic Survey scientists Morgan T. Page and Susan M. Hough model the likelihood of the tremors being aftershocks versus ongoing buildup of seismic strain. Their results suggest that the tremors are evidence of building pressures.[1] The region has undergone large earthquake sequences before, in 1450CE and 900CE.[2]

Via Homeland Security Newswire

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