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Just Discovered: A Site Listing The 10 Riskiest States to Live In

A photo of a destroyed building

Like the commercial says, “It pays to be prepared.” Insurance aside, has posted a list of the costliest ten states to live in due to their history of major disasters. Although the list is designed to promote their insurance products, it may be of interest to those concerned with where disasters are likely to strike. Of course, like politics, all disasters are local, so if you’re thinking of relocating, you’d want to pay attention to more than these sweeping generalizations. But it’s fun to look.

Here is Bankrate’s list of the top ten states with the number disaster declarations since 1953.

  1. Texas 86
  2. California 78
  3. Oklahoma 73
  4. New York 67
  5. Florida 65
  6. Louisiana 60
  7. Alabama 57
  8. Kentucky 56
  9. Arkansas 54
  10. Missouri 53
An image of an interactive map of states' natural disaster risk

Click on the map for a link to the interactive site

The site also hosts an interactive map of the US, with generalized risk of natural disasters by state.

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